Adapter for different Bottleneck Diameters SD3015-19

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The adapters allow compatibility with different bottleneck diameters of the various disinfectant manufacturers.

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    The drip tray for the MINI Sensor Dispenser catches liquids dripping from hands.
    The drip tray is going under the MINI dispenser with an additional holder.

    Item No.DescriptionRRP
    SD3015-19Adapter set - pack of four adapters15,00€
    SD3015-19-1Adapter for bottleneck diameter 24-25mm4,00€
    SD3015-19-2Adapter for bottleneck diameter 26-27mm4,00€
    SD3015-19-3Adapter for bottleneck diameter 28-30mm4,00€
    SD3015-19-4Adapter for bottleneck diameter 31-32mm4,00€

    Spare Parts for SD3015