Disposable Jet Roller Pump-3 Rollers SD4005-11/ SD4010-11


Our innovative and patented disposable roller pump in two variants:
SD4005-11 (Hose length: 230mm) for SD4005 (500ml)
SD4010-11 (Hose length: 280mm) for SD4010 (1000ml)

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    SD4005-11  SD4010-11


    Our innovative and patented disposable roller pump is easy to replace and energy-efficient. You can choose between the jet stream and spray mist pump.

    For the best hygienic results, we recommend exchanging the pump with every bottle change, at the latest after three months of use.
    Hose length SD4005-10: 230 mm
    Hose length SD4010-10: 280 mm
    Disposable jet roller pump SD4005-10/SD4010-10: 6,00 €, incl. VAT 7,14 €
    Also available: Disposable jet roller pump (for 500ml/1000ml) 4-container, 2 rollers for 24,00 €, incl. VAT 28,56 €

    Spare Parts for SD4005/SD4010