Manual Upright Arm Lever Dispenser SD6000

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Manual arm lever dispenser made of stainless steel, aluminum, or RAL color coated steel in upright design for EURO bottles (500-1000ml) of all soap and disinfectant manufacturers. Pump nose cover made of gray plastic. Made in Germany.

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    Manual arm lever dispenser – Mister Indestructible!

    The SD6000 stainless steel looks great and is almost indestructible.
    This sturdy disinfectant dispenser is made of stainless steel (powder-coated steel in different colors or aluminum on request) and can be equipped with different arm levers. The arm lever makes it easy to operate the pump mechanism with your forearm or elbow. This means that there is no direct contact with your hands and cross-contamination is avoided, making the use of the arm lever dispenser not only very easy but also extremely hygienic. Thus, the SD6000 meets the highest hygiene requirements of the RKI for hospitals or nursing homes, as well as the customer demands of the hotel industry, gastronomy, retail, as well as authorities, schools, and open-plan offices regarding robustness and design. As it withstands vandalism particularly well and has a high filling volume, it is especially suitable for highly frequented public places such as toilets or changing rooms of gas stations, restaurants, hotels, airports, trains, train stations, event arenas, gyms, or schools.

    500ml or 1000ml EURO bottles of all soap and disinfectant manufacturers can be used. The bottles can be changed quickly and easily, with no annoying spills during the time-consuming refilling of dispenser tanks. The removable pump cover allows the pumps to be easily changed to the front without dispenser disassembly. In addition to the jet stream, foam or spray plastic piston stroke pumps are available. Our intelligent pump technology allows the desired dispensing quantity (0.8ml, 1.2ml or 1.8ml) to be precisely specified. This guarantees optimal hand hygiene.
    With the enclosed drilling template or the optional adhesive set, attaching the dispenser to the wall or to a column is child’s play and can be carried out quickly.
    Easy-to-use stainless steel bottle covers in various designs (with large or small viewing windows), with or without integrated drip trays, are optionally available. They offer further protection against theft, and the variant with a drip tray prevents puddles and stains on the floor.


    – Meets all requirements of the Robert Koch Institute for hygiene standards in the healthcare sector
    – Material: stainless steel, with pump cover made of white ABS plastic
    – One housing size to accommodate 500ml to 1000ml EURO bottles of all soap and disinfectant manufacturers
    – Housing lockable
    – Suitable for use with disinfectants, disinfectant gels, soaps, massage oils, or even lotions
    – Easy pump change from the front by removing the pump nose cover. Dispenser does not have to be
    be removed from the wall
    – Can be used with plastic piston stroke pump in three application variants: Jet stream, foam, or spray mist.
    – Three different dosing quantities of 0.8ml, 1.2ml or 1.8ml adjustable
    – Easy to clean
    – Fill level of the bottles always visible
    – Made in Germany
    – Suitable for wall mounting or attachment to a column
    – Instruction manual in German and English, including “Soap” and “Disinfection” stickers

    – Bottle screen available in four variants: with/without stainless steel drip tray, with large/small viewing window (List as selectable spares at bottom of page).
    – Arm lever variants: XXL made of metal or white plastic
    – Adapter for the use of Ophardt pumps
    – Adhesive mounting set
    – From a quantity of 100 pieces, the dispensers can be printed with individual logos (pad printing)

    Dimensions WxHxD in mm:

    – SD6000-e: H365 x B100 x T198 mm, 1237 g
    – SD6000-c: H365 x B100 x T210 mm, 1308 g
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    Item No.DescriptionPriceincl. VAT
    SD6000-eStainless steel arm lever dispenser (without bottle cover)89,00€105,91 €
    SD6000-cStainless steel arm lever dispenser (without bottle cover) with arm lever
    from stainless steel or bent wire
    91,00 €108,29 €
    SD6000-30Bottle end panel with large oval viewing window20,00 €23,80 €
    SD6000-31Bottle end panel with narrow vertical viewing window20,00 €23,80 €
    SD6000-32Bottle end panel with large oval viewing window
    with integrated stainless steel drip tray
    29,00 €34,51 €
    SD6000-33Bottle end panel with narrow vertical viewing window
    with integrated stainless steel drip tray
    29,00 €34,51 €
    SD6000-40-dColored plastic cover for the pump outlet (gray)3,00 €3,57 €
    SD6000-90Arm lever for SD6000 and SD6010 from bent wire6,00 €7,14 €
    SD6000-91XXL arm lever for SD6000 and SD60106,00 €7,14 €
    SD2005-90Plastic drip tray (blue, white, green, gray or pink)5,00 €5,95 €
    SD2005-60Adapter for all Ophardt pumps8,00 €9,52 €
    SD2005-78Tesa adhesive mounting set "Never drill again"7,00 €8,33 €

    Spare parts: