Valoair HygieneCenter SG60 | HEPA H13 Filter

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Universal air purifier with HEPA filter H13 (EN 1822) for offices and rooms up to 40m².

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    Configure your Hygienecenter


    Universal air purifier with HEPA filter H13 (EN 1822) for offices and rooms up to 40m² with integrated coarse and activated carbon filter (ISO 16890). Recommended for single offices or smaller rooms.

    Product features

    – for rooms with up to 40 m² for 3-fold air change per hour
    – Air performance up to max. 300m³/h
    – Incl. coarse filter (ISO 16890)
    – Incl. HEPA H13 filter (EN 1822)
    – Incl. activated carbon filter (ISO 16890)
    – Incl. operating hours counter
    – Available in black or white

    With the Valoair HygieneCenter SG60, you get effective and environmentally friendly air irradiation without chemicals, ozone, or other active substances of concern. Healthy indoor air is created and the well-being in your premises is increased. The SG60 offers you the inactivation of vets, germs, and pathogens through high-energy UV-C radiation. No chemicals, ozone, or other harmful substances are used.

    The SG60 is mobile and safe-people can stay in the room during operation.

    Technical data

    – Dimensions (HxWxD, cm): 132x39x39
    – Weight: 49 kg
    – Maximum volume: 45dB
    – Air capacity: 300m³/h (adjustable)
    – Production: Made in Germany

    Additional configurations

    We offer 9 additional options for upgrading the HygieneCenter SG60.

    SG60Hygienecenter SG60 | Air purifier with HEPA H13 filter

    SG60 + 2+ AirCop CO2-Light+ 140€
    SG60 + 3+ Touchless Sensor Dispenser+ 140€
    SG60 + 4+ AirCop CO2-Light and Touchless Sensor Dispenser+ 220€
    SG60 + 5+ AirCop CO2 light controlling+ 220€
    SG60 + 6+ AirCop CO2-light controlling and Touchless Sensor Dispenser+ 300€
    SG60 + c+ Desired color+ 40€
    SG60 + d+ custom printing+ 40€
    SG60 + s+ Service for rent (regular replacement of UVC tubes)+ 15€
    SG60 + r+ Roller set+ 30€

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