Valoair HygieneCenter SG60+ | HEPA H14 Filter

From 1.999€

Universal air purifier with HEPA filter H14 (EN 1822) for offices and rooms up to 65m².

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    Configure your Hygienecenter


    Universal air purifier with HEPA filter H14 (EN 1822) for offices and rooms up to 65m² with integrated coarse and activated carbon filter (ISO 16890). Recommended for single offices or smaller rooms.

    Product features

    – for rooms with up to 65 m² for 3-fold air change per hour
    – Air performance up to max. 475m³/h
    – Incl. coarse filter (ISO 16890)
    – Incl. HEPA H14 filter (EN 1822)
    – Incl. activated carbon filter (ISO 16890)
    – Incl. operating hours counter
    – Available in black or white

    With the Valoair HygieneCenter SG60+, you get effective and environmentally friendly air irradiation without chemicals, ozone, or other active substances of concern.

    Healthy indoor air is created and the well-being in your premises is increased. The SG60+ offers you the inactivation of vets, germs, and pathogens through high-energy UV-C radiation. No chemicals, ozone, or other harmful substances are used.

    The SG60+ is mobile and safe-people can stay in the room during operation.

    Technical data

    – Dimensions (HxWxD, cm): 132x39x39
    – Weight: 49 kg
    – Maximum volume: 38 dB
    – Air capacity: 475 m³/h (adjustable)
    – Production: Made in Germany

    Additional configurations

    We offer 9 additional options for upgrading the HygieneCenter SG60+.

    SG60+Hygienecenter SG60+ | Luftreiniger mit HEPA H13 Filter

    (SG60+) + 2+ AirCop CO2-Light+ 140€
    (SG60+) + 3+ Touchless Sensor Dispenser+ 140€
    (SG60+) + 4+ AirCop CO2-Light and Touchless Sensor Dispenser+ 220€
    (SG60+) + 5+ AirCop CO2 light controlling+ 220€
    (SG60+) + 6+ AirCop CO2-light controlling and Touchless Sensor Dispenser+ 300€
    (SG60+) + c+ Desired color+ 40€
    (SG60+) + d+ custom printing+ 40€
    (SG60+) + s+ Service for rent (regular replacement of UVC tubes)+ 15€
    (SG60+) + r+ Roller set+ 30€