Euraneg Dispensers for HyBag

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Manual arm lever dispenser “Multi-Use” made of plastic and stainless steel in an upright design for HyBag bags (700ml). Made in Germany.



Euraneg Dispensers for HyBag
Benefits of using HyBag:

-Maximum hygiene- thanks to vacuum technology
-no reprocessing costs- thanks to optimal residual emptying
-Environmentally friendly- thanks to recyclable packaging
HyBag – the bottle of the future now fits Euraneg dispensers.
Special features of the HyBag dispensers (SD2015, SD6000 and SD6010)
– Holds HyBag 700ml or 500ml to 1000ml EURO bottles from all disinfectant manufacturers
– Robust, made of impact-resistant white ABS plastic or stainless steel
– Arm lever and drip trays are available in blue, green, grey, and pink in addition to white
– Three different dosages (0.8ml, 1.2ml, and 1.8ml)
– Output with jet stream, as spray mist or as foam
– Both models are suitable for wall mounting or as a stable stand-alone device
– Dispensers can be customized with individual logos starting from a quantity of 100 pieces
– Instruction manual in German and English with stickers “Soap” and “Disinfection
– The scope of the supply includes adapters to be used in front of HyBag bags
– Adhesive mounting set
– The dispensers can be printed with individual logos with a quantity of 100 pieces or more
Note: HyBag is not included in the delivery

SD2015-c Manual arm lever dispenser for 500 and 1000ml EURO-Bottles: 31,00 €, incl. VAT 36,89 €.
SD6010 Manual arm lever dispenser for 500 and 1000ml EURO-Bottles: Upon Request

You can choose which Euraneg dispenser from the plastic and metal arm lever dispensers you want to use for HyBag bags.

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